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post-and-lintel system (architecture) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Post material must be especially strong in compression. Stone has this property and is more versatile in its use as a post than as a lintel. Under heavy loads .

post and lintel first use, OH 43213
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post and lintel first use, Ohio

Art History GREEK ART (600B.C. - 100 B.C.)
They used post-and-lintel construction and structured columns using dry masonry to . Although it appears uniform at first glance, it has been discovered that the .

Archaeologies of the Greek Past: Post-and-lintel - *** THIS FORUM ...
Dec 12, 2007 . The post-and-lintel system is a simple method of construction involving the . where a first level of posts would have stood, and the placement of lintels . Mycenaean architects experimented with the use of posts and lintels as .

What is the traditional material used in post-and-lintel construction
What is the traditional material used in post-and-lintel construction? In: Holidays and Traditions [Edit categories]. Answer: Improve. Stone. First answer by .

Exodus 12:7 Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on ...
The upper door post - Or lintel, Exodus 12:23. This direction was understood by the Hebrews to apply only to the first . Quotations are used by permission.



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post and lintel first use, Ohio Campus

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Tools & Technology Used in Classical Greek Art |
Post-and-lintel refers to how an architectural structure supports weight--in . The classical sculptor Praxiteles first used the "smoky" style endowed by ganosis.

Post-and-Lintel Construction was first seen in ancient Egypt. . First used by the Etruscans, the original Italian peoples, the arch became an important part of .'s%20PDF.pdf

A post and lintel first use Medical Assistant School

Egyptan Architevhture
The first real advancement of the architecture of the Egyptians was the . Post and lintel is a building technique that the Egyptians perfected and used widely.

The Post and Lintel - Art Gallery, Bands & Musicians - Selinsgrove ...
People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post . To connect with The Post and Lintel, sign up for Facebook today. . on royalty publishing and self-publishing *learn about our first Eco-Arts Fest to be .

Ancient Roman Art and Architecture | Scholastic ART |
They were also the first to introduce the use of the stone arch into architecture. Architecture . The arch can support much more weight than the post and lintel.

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Neolithic Art
Nov 25, 2009 . Stonehenge demonstrates the first use of post and lintel construction. We still use this technique today in modern architecture. Post and lintel is .

East Bay Street - CCPL - Charleston County Public Library - South ...
The building continued to be used as the Post Office and Federal office building . with a continuous front of Quincy granite post-and-lintel system along the first .

Architecture - Post-and-lintel construction essays
The weight of the wall above the lintel is the load. In Post-and-lintel construction they would use many kinds of stone. Stone and marble were chosen for .


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Roman Architecture
Before the Romans, the most commonly used building style was the post and lintel. This way . The first and most basic type was called the Doric Style. It's plain .

Building Design/Architecture - Prehistory - Egyptians, Trabeated ...
The architectural term for post-and-lintel construction is trabeation. . The Egyptians were the first structural designers with an identifiable visual style. . Both the use of nature in architectural decoration and the use of design to control emotion .

As a post and lintel temple, the Parthenon presents no engineering . The fact that common people are depicted as individuals for the first time at the Parthenon . Number of stones used to built the Parthenon: Approximated at 13400 stones.

A post and lintel first use
Medical Assistant School

Primitive: Post and lintel Construction, Corbel Construction
Post and lintel describes basic vertical and horizontal construction elements. . Metals and their alloys advanced the causes of war first, and then were used for .

How to Install Post and Lintel Door Casing |
A post and lintel door casing is similar to any other door casing, except that it follows the concept . Measure the height of the door jamb first as well as the width of the topmost portion. . Use a paint that matches the color of the door or the wall.

Roman architecture Facts, information, pictures | ...
Jan 1, 2011 . The Greeks had used the Corinthian Order sparingly (e.g. Choragic . trabeated construction (employing arches and constructed with post and lintel). Although at first tentatively employed in the spaces between the classical .

A post and lintel first use Personal Trainer School

Roman Corinthian Order: The main difference is that Romans used smooth - as . of buildings used the post-and-lintel, or column and entablature construction . and Corinthian Orders (The Greeks were first to declare that architecture was .

architecture —
The use of light and shadow, as well as surface decoration, can greatly enhance a . developed from the first uses of structural iron and steel in the mid-19th cent. . developments in architectural construction—the post-and-lintel, or trabeated, .

A post and lintel first use, Ohio Career College

Advantages of Post & Lintel Construction |
Post and lintel construction is created by setting a horizontal beam on top of two vertical supports. . This method has been used not only to for openings but also for framework. . The first established post office was in Pennsylvania by 1683.

The Maya - This is Honduras -
800AD - 1500AD, Post-Classic, Early . which denotes a step in technical progress from the use of posts and lintels. . This tells the Maya's own creation myth, in which the gods tried to create mankind first out of clay, then wood and last corn.

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* Lintel - (Architecture): Definition
Lintel - A beam of any material used to span an opening. Lubin, St.: Bishop of . the horizontal cross beam spanning an opening in the post-and-lintel system. Lithography . . a meeting place. Loggias were first developed in Renaissance Italy.

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Architecture - Research and Read Books, Journals, Articles at ...
The use of light and shadow, as well as surface decoration, can greatly enhance a . developed from the first uses of structural iron and steel in the mid-19th cent. . developments in architectural construction—the post-and-lintel, or trabeated, .


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Greek Building Technique
Greek architecture relied upon the post and lintel type of construction, which . walls standing on stone footings (base) (e.g., the first temple of Apollo at Thermon .


Architectural elements used by ancient Egyptian builders
Doorways were generally built with stone lintels, though W.M.Flinders Petrie found . When foundations had to be laid, the building pit was first filled with water and the . with a few exceptions - based on trabeation, the post and lintel principle.


Institute of Eqyptian Art and Archaeology :: Aswan - Temple of Isis ...
Jan 23, 2012. the left, first pylon, open court, second pylon, covered hypostyle hall, . is from the west and illustrates the Egyptian use of the post and lintel .


ArtLex's Pon-Pq page
pontil - A hollow iron rod used to gather molten glass for blowing; also called a punty. . Also see erotica and erotic art, feminism and feminist art, First Amendment . post and lintel - In architecture, the simplest and oldest way of constructing .


Structural support systems and methods to reinforce lintel support ...
Dec 22, 2009 . The first portion can be disposed beneath the load bearing member . The post and lintel technique is commonly used to support loads over .


Joinery Techniques by Prowell Woodworks
. centuries ago with the traditional post-and-lintel framing methods of the New . The first known use and still standing in near perfect condition today are two .

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Heritage Visit Bohol Churches - Spanish Architecture and Frescoes
Churches are the first points of destination for tourists imbued with a deep religious faith. . the retablos the use Greco-Roman motifs, and the Art Deco confessionals. . All of the structure is basically a lintel and post type, gothic features like .